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Wild Surf / Quiet Blues
Partial Traces WIld Surf / Quiet Blues Punk Rock Theory
Friday, June 11, 2021 - 10:44
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Minneapolis based Partial Traces follow up their sophomore effort, Low Definition, with Wild Surf/ Quiet Blues, a heavy hitting collection of songs that explore the unwieldy chaos of love and life in the modern world. Writing the bulk of the record long distance between Minneapolis and New York City, (guitarist) Nate Gangelhoff, (singer/ keyboardist/lyricist) Maren Macosko and (drummer/ lyricist) Brad Lokkesmoe amassed demos until something cohesive began to take shape, inspiring them to return to the Terrarium recording studio in the summer of 2020 to once again work with engineer Jacques Wait. The resulting third full length is their most ambitious to date and finds the band embracing a darker, more synth based direction sonically, while Macosko and (guitarist) Annie Sparrows’ haunting voices float over the arrangements, delivering lyrics that reckon with the stormy waters we navigate as the relationships we have with others and our own past and present continue to evolve.


Wild Surf / Quiet Blues tracklist:

  1. Quiet Blues
  2. Silver & Green
  3. Challenger Deep
  4. Esme
  5. Blue Pacific
  6. Dangerous
  7. Cold Clouds
  8. Wild Surf