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New Game+
Palette Knife New Game+ Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 16:19
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New Game+ the sophomore LP from Columbus, Ohio’s Palette Knife encompasses a vast array of rock/emo tunes that are reminceint of scene stalwarts Into It. Over It, Tiny Moving Parts or a more intricately guitar based Modern Baseball. The theme of New Game+ interweaves classic 16-bit tropes of “Death Screen” and “Pause Screen” seamlessly into the LP sequencing.

The slow-building, fast climaxing ode to lockdown single “Jelly Boi” is spacious as it crescendos into a fast-paced guitar attack outro. On Damn Son, Dim Sum, the band gets right to it for two and a half minutes and churns out a riff-y pop-punk classic. Closer “…And That’s A Rock Fact.”, does what closers do and puts an empathic foot down on an entire piece of work that encapsulates what a rising rock/emo band is capable of.


New Game+ track list:

  1. Death Screen
  2. Jelly Boi
  3. Avatar The Last Cakebender
  4. Quotients
  5. Pause Screen
  6. Weekend At Tony's
  7. Science Is Spooky Sometimes
  8. Letters From Momtown
  9. Damn Son, Dim Sum
  10. Fog Gate
  11. Randal The Vandal With Apple
  12. Fuckin' A#
  13. ... And That's A Rock Fact