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All You Embrace
One Step Closer All You Embrace Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, February 29, 2024 - 16:57
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Wilkes-Barre melodic hardcore heroes One Step Closer are back with the announcement of their highly anticipated new full-length, All You Embrace. Due out May 17th from Run For Cover Records, the album boldly expands the scope of One Step Closer's sound, offering their most anthemic and passionate work to date.

All You Embrace finds One Step Closer exploring the sonic overlaps of hardcore, emo, '90s alternative, and more--resulting in the most ambitious songs they've ever written. Produced/engineered by Jon Markson (Drug Church, Koyo, Drain, Regulate), the record sounds truly gigantic, like a widescreen, technicolor version of One Step Closer's biting sound. “I wanted to showcase One Step Closer in its fullest state,” explains vocalist Ryan Savitski. “Every single part of the band, I wanted it to be there. I wanted us to be 100% ourselves and be as authentic to our band as we could possibly be.” And All You Embrace is certainly imbued with that sense of identity, a testament to knowing who you are in a world of uncertainties, and a powerful new era for One Step Closer.


All You Embrace track list:

  1. Color You
  2. Leap Years
  3. Blur My Memory
  4. The Gate
  5. Your Hazel Tree
  6. Orange Leaf
  7. Esruc
  8. Slow To Let Go
  9. Topanga
  10. Giant's Despair
  11. So Far From Me