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Embroidered Foliage
No Thank You Embroidered Foliage Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 07:40
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No Thank You have announced their new album, Embroidered Foliage, due out October 23rd from Lame-O Records. With its towering guitars and anthemic hooks, Embroidered Foliage finds the Philadelphia-based trio pushing their cathartic sound to new heights to create their boldest work to date. No Thank You have shared the album's first single "Enough," a perfect introduction to Embroidered Foliage's dynamic range. The song starts with a subdued melody from vocalist/guitarist Kaytee Della Monica then builds into a tidal wave of surging guitars, distorted bass, and soaring vocal harmonies that bridge the gap between emo catharsis and '90s alternative grandeur in under three minutes.


No Thank You (Della Monica along with bassist Evan Bernard and drummer Nick Holdorf) sound more powerful and confident than ever on Embroidered Foliage, with the album's buoyant hooks and often unexpectedly heavy instrumentation offering a compliment to Della Monica's deeply open lyrics. The album explores a period of self discovery in the wake of a tumultuous relationship as Della Monica grappled with grief and anxiety manifesting in challenging ways. And while the experiences that led to Embroidered Foliage were fraught Della Monica explains that she found something in the process: “I was likely following my usual pattern of self destruction, but what ultimately came from the introspection was of the utmost importance: a glimmer of self worth.”


Track listing:

  1. Saturn Return
  2. Strange & Wonderful
  3. Embroidered Foliage
  4. Eden
  5. Tracing
  6. Letter Writing Contest
  7. Everything Or Nothing
  8. Airport
  9. Enough
  10. Leo Moon