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Nothing Personal
No Sunshine Collective Nothing Personal Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, April 27, 2024 - 14:11
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No Sunshine Collective is a Toronto-based punk rock power trio fronted by Steve Colucci (Pink Leather Jackets, Doghouse Rose, Ballroom Babies)

Joined by Nathan Colucci (bass) and Matthew Bellissimo (drums), No Sunshine Collective presents an aesthetic best described as AM radio rock ‘n roll infused with rocket fuel blasted through blown out car speakers. The crushing wall of sound and breakneck pace of their live show is perfectly captured on their new release “Nothing Personal.”


Nothing Personal track list:

  1. Loose Ends
  2. Sanctimony
  3. Old Radio
  4. Goodbye Forever
  5. Have To Say
  6. Can't Be Bothered
  7. Crash Myself Into You
  8. Dish Soap