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Fireworks For Arsonists
No Guidance Fireworks For Arsonists Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, May 29, 2021 - 11:31
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Germany's No Guidance will be releasing their debut full length 'Fireworks For Arsonists' on June 25 via Melodic Punk Style for Europe and Punk & Disorderly Records for North America.

Formed in the Summer of 2019, No Guidance started recording their debut album in September 2020. Their style can be described as melodic punk rock for fans that takes cues from the likes of Good Riddance, Strike

Anywhere and Rise Against


Track listing:

  1. No Heroes
  2. How To Pronounce Metrocity
  3. The One Percent
  4. Make It Out Alive
  5. Anything But A Friend
  6. Running Out Of Fuel
  7. Lighters, Smokes And Bottles
  8. Begin To Smile
  9. Miss Unfantastical
  10. Better Days
  11. Message From V