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Missing Parts
Nightmarathons Missing Parts Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 21:12
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Pittsburgh's Nightmarathons have just announced their album Missing Parts, out March 29th on A-F Records. The band is premiering their new song "Closer" now via BrooklynVegan. BrooklynVegan calls the song, "a throwback to the kind of melodic, no-frills punk that had a breakout moment in the late ’90s and early ’00s." Saying it, "should definitely induce some nostalgia for that era but sounds pretty great today too." Vinyl Pre-orders are available now via A-F Records, and pre-orders for a limited edition tape are available via No Time Records.

Formed in Pittsburgh, PA in the winter months of 2016, Nightmarathons melds varying punk, post punk, and first-wave emo influences to create their own unique take on melodic punk rock music.  Missing Parts, due out March 29 on A-F Records, is their debut full length record, expanding on the echo of nostalgia for early-2000's fire halls and elks lodges that came with their debut self titled 7-inch. 


Track listing:

  1. Waiting Room
  2. Comeback
  3. Reset
  4. Warning Signs
  5. Closer
  6. Estimate
  7. Cull Your Heart
  8. Simple
  9. Honor System
  10. Watered Down
  11. Cemetery Road