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Confines Of Life
Neighborhood Brats Confines Of Life Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 21:07
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Dirt Cult Records has announced the upcoming new LP from Neighborhood Brats today and released the first single.

Neighborhood Brats is a California punk band formed in 2010 by vocalist Jenny Angelillo and guitarist George Rager. Originally based in San Francisco, Rager and Angelillo relocated frequently around and between northern and southern California during the band’s formative years.

In 2013, publicity, positive reviews and regional US touring attracted enough attention for the band to begin touring Europe, which would become a mainstay for the band’s road activity.

In 2014, Neighborhood Brats recorded their first official LP, Recovery. Production of Recovery was a difficult process; rehearsals were limited to three short sessions prior to tracking, and recording sessions were sandwiched between multiple tours.

The financial reality of DIY punk touring and multiple release delays contributed to lineup changes and helped fuel instability in Angelillo and Rager’s personal lives. In 2015, a 6 month hiatus occurred (Rager’s initial decision to end the band was short-lived).

Neighborhood Brats returned to touring in 2016 with dates in the US, Canada and Europe. That same year, Angelillo and Rager began writing for what would become the band’s second LP, Claw Marks. By the end of 2019, the band had completed five European tours, and multiple headlining and direct support tours throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2021, Neighborhood Brats will release their third LP, Confines of Life, which was recorded in 2020 as Los Angeles shut down in response to the incoming pandemic. The album will be released on May 28th via Dirt Cult Records in the US and Taken By Surprise Records in Europe.