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Mutoid Man Mutants Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, May 21, 2023 - 14:04
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Punk Rock and Metal superheroes Mutoid Man, the venerable trio consisting of Cave In vocalist/guitarist Steven Brodsky, Converge drummer Ben Koller and the newly added High on Fire bassist Jeff Matz have announced their first new album in six years, Mutants, available July 28th. Today hear the album's first single, “Call of the Void,” a tightly harnessed bonanza of dexterous pinch harmonic riffs, lizard-brained half-time chugs, and a call-to-arms chorus with a relentless double-kick beat. The song arrives with a Two Minutes to Late Night directed video where the band breaks out of their robotic confines, eventually transforming into their true mutant self.

Brodsky and Koller, who possess an almost telepathic chemistry, have always excelled at crafting their own unique brand of frenzied, hyper-focused, dynamic, and excessive fretboard-savvy metal. When you take two players who were raised in the hardcore world and who quickly surpassed the technical requirements for playing even the more sophisticated spins on that sound, and then make them playfully push each other into more outrageous and catchy territories, you have a rough approximation of the Mutoid Man sound. But with new bassist Jeff Matz in tow, you now have a trifecta of prog-level players approaching metal with punk irreverence on Mutants, an album that stands to be their most accomplished and most mindboggling effort yet.

Riding on the success of their debut EP Helium Head (2013), the band took on a manic work ethic over the next four years, cranking out two full-lengths, Bleeder (2015) and War Moans (2017), touring relentlessly across the US and Europe, and becoming something of a de facto house band for esteemed New York metal venue Saint Vitus along the way. With tour dates supporting acts like Mastodon and Danzig, it appeared that Mutoid Man’s entry into the upper echelon of heavy metal heroes was inevitable. However, between line-up changes, an exodus from Brooklyn, a slew of other musical projects, and a pandemic, the band was put on hold in the midst of their ascendancy. But after a six-year recording hiatus, Mutoid Man are back to reclaim their throne.


Mutants track list:

  1. Call of the Void
  2. Frozen Hearts
  3. Broken Glass Ceiling
  4. Siren Song
  5. Graveyard Love
  6. Unborn
  7. Siphon
  8. Demons
  9. Memory Hole
  10. Setting Sun