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Moonraker / Neckscars Split Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, October 5, 2023 - 08:14
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Moonraker and Neckscars are all set to release a split album on 20th October through Bypolar Records, Sell the Heart Records, and Engineer Records.

Neckscars share their thoughts about the release:

“I’m not sure if it was the sold out show or the edible kicking in, but when we saw Moonraker play Fest last year it was clear that a split with them was long overdue. These guys slept on our couches in Beacon and have shared some debaucherous nights throughout our tenure in the punk scene. We talked about doing the split while we were drunk at Fest and they followed up a couple weeks later with serious ambitions. We got Damon from Bypolar, Andy from the Sell The Heart and David from Engineer onboard and now we have a cool piece to add to punk rock history.”

Moonraker share their thoughts about “Fireman”:

“Fireman” to me, is about the overwhelming feeling of things piling up beyond your control. Thinking, “If just ONE domino could fall in my favor, then maybe the other 60 might follow suit.” But when you try to topple that domino it just catches fire instead. It’s about the line between you and the fire blurring a little. Is everything I touch going up in flames because I’m on fire or is it because I AM fire? With a couple shoutouts to Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio and Jimmy Buffet thrown. In for good measure. Our friend Anthony Elliott completely crushed it on the video too!

Neckscars share their thoughts about “Level II: Insufferable”:

“’Insufferable’ is an idea that Justin brought to the table musically which we collaborated and arranged while Will was healing a broken leg. Lyrically, it’s about an old roommate who had an unhealthy fixation on someone who did not feel the same way. In the video we were attempting to shine a light on how prevalent the issue is and showcase the idea of obsession as it pertains to the lyrical content. Everyone deserves a life free from fear.”

Moonraker have released their most recent record 'The Forest' last year through Bypolar Records, Tiny Dragon Music, Bearded Punk Records and No Time Records. Neckscars released 'Don’t Panic' in 2021 through Sell the Heart Records and Engineer Records.