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Mikey Erg S/T Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, February 7, 2021 - 15:53
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Mikey Erg announced his self-proclaimed “return to punk” on this self-titled LP, set to be released on Rad Girlfriend Records. Blasting through ten songs in 26 minutes, Mikey returns to his roots. Everything you loved about ’90s-flavored punk rock is alive and well on these ten tracks.

You could probably fill an entire festival line-up with all the bands Mikey has been in or is still a part of. Best known as the drummer and principal songwriter of the beloved Ergs!, he has since gone and played with The Dopamines, Star Fucking Hipsters, Dirtbike Annie, Slow Death, Pale Angels and more recently, Worriers. But lately, he has been also been focusing on his solo career and this new record is a culmination of all of those things.


Track listing:

  1. Can't Be Too Careless
  2. Spin The Black Circle
  3. Rubin Hall
  4. Hey Marissa
  5. Rumblestrip    
  6. Got To Get You Back Into My Life
  7. Denny Songs
  8. Going To Pasalacqua
  9. God Mic
  10. Give Up