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Too Fag For Love
Middle-Aged Queers Too Fag For Love Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 20:48
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Debut album from the East Bay's Middle-Aged Queers, featuring the singles "Gary's Making Biscuits", "Theme Song", and more.

Crawling out of the primordial ooze of punk past, Middle-Aged Queers are a quartet of Jurassic Punx barreling down Interstate 580 on a mission to save Rock and Roll with broken limbs and gear held together with duct tape. Seasoned veterans of DIY-Punk, Middle-Aged Queers features ex-members of bands such as Flipper, Fang, Yaphet Kotto, Bread and Circuits, The Cost, Wet-Nap, Saviours, The Shudders, S.P.A.G., The Insaints, and No Alternative. Scrappy to the core, Middle-Aged Queers recently bootstrapped their debut record, Too Fag For Love recorded in under 8 hours for less than $500.


Track listing:

  1. Gary's Making Biscuits    
  2. Bike Cock
  3. Patience Worth
  4. SoDoMe
  5. Frankenstein's Alive
  6. I Got The Gay Edge
  7. Red Herring
  8. Theme Song