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The Mendozaz Loafers Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, April 27, 2024 - 14:08
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Toronto-based pop punk power trio The Mendozaz are set to release their third album Loafers June 7 via Cartridge Heart.

The Mendozaz have been described as the sound of a Fat Wreck comp smashing violently into a copy of Big Shiny Tunes. Armed with equal parts high-octane fury and more-addictive-than- crack sing-along choruses, they’ve been setting stages ablaze across Ontario and Quebec with festival appearances at Pouzza Fest and NXNE while sharing the stage with Dayglo Abortions, The Anti-Queens and many more.

For fans of Green Day, The Offpsring, Descendents and Motorhead.


Loafers track list:

  1. I'd Rather Be Listening To The Mendozaz
  2. Lottery Tickets
  3. Pour One Out For Hot Sarah
  4. Lord Coxwell
  5. Shooting Myself
  6. Captcha The Flag
  7. Moscow
  8. Dark and Mysterious
  9. Birds Like Meat
  10. Cool Girls / Ugly Tattoos
  11. I Wanna Pet Your Dog
  12. I Hate The Way You Make Me Feel (About Me)