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Mayday Parade Lofi
Mayday Parade Mayday Parade Lofi Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, January 11, 2024 - 09:33
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Mayday Parade are excited to announce their new EP Mayday Parade Lofi, out March 8th. The EP is a collaboration with Less Gravity that puts a dreamy, vaporwave soaked spin on some of the band’s most beloved songs, including “Jamie All Over (lofi)” which debuts today along with the news of the EP. "The Lofi EP was something we all wanted to experiment with and see how some of our music would adapt to the genre,” share’s the band’s Jake Bundrick. “Collaborating with Less Gravity made this all possible. We’re stoked how it all turned out.” Mayday Parade Lofi is rounded out by relaxing downtempo interpretations of other Mayday Parade fan favorites “Miserable at Best”, “Jersey”, “Terrible Things” and “Oh Well, Oh Well”.


Mayday Parade Lofi track list:

  1. “Jamie All Over (lofi)” - Mayday Parade, Less Gravity & Aleks!
  2. “Miserable at Best (lofi)” - Mayday Parade & Less Gravity
  3. “Jersey (lofi)” - Mayday Parade & Less Gravity
  4. “Terrible Things (lofi)” - Mayday Parade & Less Gravity
  5. “Oh Well, Oh Well (lofi)” - Mayday Parade & Less Gravity