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On The Other Side
Marked Men On The Other Side Punk Rock Theory
Friday, October 19, 2018 - 20:07
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Dirtnap Records has announced it will release On the Other Side from the Marked Men on November 23rd. This LP collects all non-LP tracks released by the Marked Men, originally released in the period between 2003 and 2010 on labels such as Dirtnap, Swami, No Idea, Shit Sandwich, and Mortville, plus 2 never-before heard unreleased tracks for deep in the vault.

It's hard to believe that it's been close to fifteen years since Dirtnap first released a Marked Men record. Since then, the label has done close to twenty releases by their various bands - Marked Men, High Tension Wires, Potential Johns, Mind Spiders, and Radioactivity. If you count the releases Mark Ryan and/or Jeff Burke had a hand in recording, that number goes even higher. It's a relationship that continues to this day, if there is/has been a "flagship band" for Dirtnap, Marked Men and their various offshoots are it. Although they continue to play handful of shows each year, the band hasn't released any new material since 2009 (the last album came out in 2008.), and they have no plans to do so (although we would love to be proven wrong on that), so this compilation is as close to a new album as you're going to get.

Their affinity for fast, choppy power chords and manic energy is well-collected here: "Like Robots" carries a propulsive floor tom x guitar line a la Buddy Holly with some harmonizing oooh's. "That Kid" is all snotty "gonna beat you up" energy, fueled by bubbling instrumentation. "Go Cry" ramps this notion up yet even more. Lead track, "She Won't Know" has all the 70s feels - leather jackets and motorbikes fueled by Tab and Orange Crush. The ballad-like "The Other Side" flirts with deeper feelings with a slowed-down sincerity, while "Whip Myself" leads off with a ringing guitar-lead-in and gives way to an ultimately melodic vs melancholy punk breakup song. The band stretches its legs throughout this solid closing credits collection and shows why it's one of the leaders of a sound that has never gone (or will go) out of style.


Track listing:

  1. She Won't Know
  2. Nothing's Changed
  3. On
  4. The Other Side
  5. Too Pretty To Fuck
  6. Whip Myself
  7. Lost It All
  8. Oh My Pretty Face
  9. Like Robots
  10. Wait Here Wait For You
  11. I Can't Be Good
  12. Nothing Worthwhile
  13. Settle Down
  14. That Kid
  15. Disappear
  16. Go Cry