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When You Found Me
Lucero When You Found Me Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 20:21
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Where 2018’s “Among The Ghosts” brought with it a more stripped back sound – along with haunting spoken word interludes courtesy of actor Michael Shannon – “When You Found Me” finds the band tapping into a more atmospheric widescreen vision, while expanding on their sound with heavier rock sonics. The use of keyboard player Rick Steff’s extensive collection of vintage synthesizers conjures an aural world of classic tracks with a firm foot in the present. Thematically it zeroes in on the importance of family – 22 on years on the road will do that – and it comes with a distinct storybook quality. Lead singer and guitarist Ben Nichols has said that much of it is influenced by his daughter and comes to have a fairytale feel. “Have You Lost Your Way?” with its young heroine is written to be exactly like a fairytale or fable. “Outrun the Moon” is a more modern take on a murder-ballad. War-time story “Coffin Nails” features a narration from Nichols own grandfather, and “The Match” is based on an old Irish folktale. “Back in Ohio” is based on a true story that reads like fantasy.