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Everyone Wants Something Beautiful
Love Letter Everyone Wants Something Beautiful Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, May 9, 2024 - 14:43
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New England has always served as a breeding ground for some of the most passionate and heartfelt voices in hardcore. Featuring members of Verse and Defeater, Love Letter are the latest powerhouse to join this esteemed lineage.

 Everyone Wants Something Beautiful is an open window into insecurity and self-awareness. It is a deep-dive into generational trauma, its different forms, and the ways it can be projected onto others. We share a commitment to crafting music that is honest and powerful, and that reflects our friendships, views, and shared musical journey over two decades. We believe every note and word must carry meaning and purpose. The musical vision for this record was to create a compelling backdrop for captivating and emotional storytelling. It’s honest, mature, and carries deep personal meaning for each member.


Guitarist Jay Maas (Defeater) has also produced countless records for other bands at Getaway Recordings in Massachusetts, including Bane, Counterparts, Title Fight, and more. After being behind the scenes on so many quintessential records, Maas is back at the helm. "Having produced records for two decades now, I've had the chance to work with thousands of artists, I'm grateful that this was my opportunity to pull together some of my favorite people who also happen to be extremely talented musicians."


Maas tapped fellow founding member of Defeater — Andrew Reitz — to play drums along with guitarist Matthew Spence and fellow engineer and bassist Dave Alcan. The result is high-octane instrumentation paired with the poignant yet biting lyrics and vocals of Quinn Murphy (of Verse).

There's a notable freedom in the band’s songwriting, and their desire to push the limits of where heartfelt, emotive and heavy music can go is apparent with every note and word. Matched by a charged live show, Love Letter are sure to turn heads of fans of hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo, and beyond.


Everyone Wants Something Beautiful track listing:

  1. New Anthemic
  2. Wellness Checks and Dead Friends
  3. Misanthropic Holiday or Vacation
  4. Popular Memes
  5. Unhousing Projects
  6. Settlements
  7. Meds and Taxes
  8. Debilitating Self Doubt and the Will to Use it
  9. Late Stage Harm Reduction
  10. Panic Disordinary