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Gravity And Grace
Love Equals Death Gravity And Grace Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - 20:10
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16 years after the last full length "Nightmerica" (Fat Wreck Chords) the new Love Equals Death album "Gravity And Grace" will be released on July 17th via SBÄM / Say-10 Records. With 3420 the second single is now released, which is the closer of the album produced by Jamie McMann (Lagwagon, Cobra Skulls, Swingin Utters).

Formed by Chon Travis (Loose Change), the horror / skate punk band is often compared to the second Loose Change follow-up band AFI, started by Jade Puget. Love Equals Death has toured with bands such as Pennywise, NOFX, Street Dogs, Death By Stereo, Strung Out, No Use For A Name and several more. On SBÄM / Say-10 they recently released a compilation with older material from the pre-fat era and a split 7" with post-punk band The Static Age.


Gravity And Grace track list:

  1. A Tale of Two Storms
  2. Law of One
  3. Hollywood Ghost
  4. Adolescent Heart
  5. Saliendo In Crastinum
  6. Suburban Nightmare
  7. A Sequence of Arcs
  8. Gravity and Grace
  9. The Letter
  10. 3420