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LOTEC Squares Punk Rock Theory
Friday, January 20, 2023 - 09:33
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With the exception of a few recent live shows, Chicago rockers, LOTEC (formally Land of the El Caminos), have been relatively quiet, or so we thought. This hard-working trio have been busy writing and recording for their upcoming new record, Squares, their first since the release of Subourbon in 2001.

Dan Fanelli (lead guitar, vocals), Kenny Wallin (drums) and relatively new addition, bassist, Chicago rock veteran, Sean Hulet, don’t complicate things. Squares, isn’t a departure from LOTEC’s core sound or key messages. The band’s collective talent, coupled with the skilled studio mastery of local engineer Mike Lust (Joan of Arc, Russian Circles, Urge Overkill), perpetuate the tenderness and raw emotion of their previous recordings and live performances, only enhanced by a more mature and sophisticated sound.

“The best part about making this record was having the opportunity to finally work out these songs with Kenny, and now Sean” says Fanelli. “Sean’s someone that Ken and I have known and been good friends with for almost 30 years, so he was just a natural fit. And to finally make a record with Mike Lust who we've known forever was a blast. He totally understood what we were trying to do so it felt easy.”

Those familiar with the band will recognize tracks like “Second City” and “Special” from their past live shows. This record demonstrates and further establishes this band’s craftsmanship. Ever evident is their love of melodic hard rock and pop seamlessly fused together, but what comes to the surface of all they bring is a soft nostalgia and nod to an illusory, collective past inclusive of falling in love, falling down, getting back up, filling up and losing out.

Fanelli continues, “Some of these songs were ones that we started to work on when the band hit pause around 2002, some are brand new while others were ideas I had started for a solo record that never materialized. That said, they all work well together on this album, and we were all so excited to record them. It’s definitely a new start for the band.”


Squares track list:

  1. All the Ways
  2. The Face
  3. Fuck Me Up
  4. Remember Yourself
  5. Won’t You
  6. Special
  7. Squares!
  8. Six Vodka Tonics
  9. Pathetic
  10. Jenny Pt. II
  11. Second City
  12. Don’t Say It