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Songs from Northern Torrance
Joyce Manor Songs from Northern Torrance Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - 09:46
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Acclaimed California-based four-piece Joyce Manor have announced Songs From Northern Torrance. The 10-track compilation is a collection of early material that offers a glimpse into the band’s humble beginnings as an acoustic two-piece. Originally recorded between 2008-2010, many of the tracks have become fan favorites over the years previously existing in a live setting, or on rare CD-Rs sold by the band during their early days on the road.


Track listing:

  1. House Warning Party
  2. Fuck Koalacaust
  3. DFHP?
  4. Danke Schoen
  5. Who Gave You A Baby
  6. Constant Nothing
  7. Done Right Discount Flooring
  8. 5 Beer Plan
  9. Chumped
  10. Leather Jacket