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Inny Pippins Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, November 6, 2022 - 10:38
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Inny has announced their new LP titled "Pippin" will be released on December 16th via Nadine Records (pre-order).

Born out of a need to preoccupy their own anxieties, Inny was formed in Portland, OR during 2018. Brody M plays guitar and sings, bringing a variety of succinct, catchy riffs and reflective lyrics to the table. Dan and Toby (on bass and drums respectively) help augment, flip-over, and arrange the songs from their seemingly simple roots into a deeper dynamic horizon. At its base, INNY is 3 really good friends who have been playing music together for the better part of a decade. Their sole mission being to write meaningful songs and have fun doing it.

Alternately loud and soft, pretty and dissonant, Inny taps into a punk emo-noise-rock wealth of inspiration, drawing to mind the Dischord and Touch & Go rosters of yesteryear while creatively reaching for the road ahead. A little mathy, a little proggy, with an emotional impact and range that shifts from anguished to jubilant (and back again) with dynamic dexterity and consummate cathartic release.

“Pippins" was recorded a year into the Covid-19 pandemic and was mixed by the band members themselves over a period of several months in their home studio. Having ample time to experiment and shape each song according to their collective vision meant they were able to add layers of piano, synths, various percussion and field recordings to flesh out arrangements. Tasteful harmonies are placed to great effect, and cryptic, beautifully poetic lyrics explore themes of unease, inertia, yearning, loss and transformation.

Merriam-Webster gives the following definitions of the word, “Pippin” — 1. A crisp, tart apple 2. A highly admired or very admirable person or thing. Each of the 9 songs on this album is itself a “pippin”— unique, succinct, delectable, well-rounded in their weight and content, crisp and tart. Admirable encapsulations, whole unto themselves.


Pippins track listing:

  1. The Tally    
  2. The Lotto    
  3. A Cold One    
  4. A Foot    
  5. The Soup And Its Mass    
  6. The Abomination    
  7. The Eternal Contest    
  8. Pippins    
  9. A Luxurious Crypt