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Holy Pinto Adult Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 07:39
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Holy Pinto has just announced their new album Adult, out March 8th. Holy Pinto, originally a Canterbury, UK based two-piece, became the solo project of singer Aymen Saleh when drummer Ryan Hurley left the band to pursue a new career after the recording of Adult. After the split, Aymen moved to the US on a whim with no particular plan. He eventually settled in Milwaukee, a trip inspired by his love of the The Promise Ring and the midwest emo scene of the 90s. 

A few of the songs from Adult have been released earlier as singles, including "Gold Leaf" and "Salt." You can watch a music video for the song "Gold Leaf," featuring Aymen traveling to the one person town of Monowi, Nebraska to play a show for the one elderly citizen at the hometown tavern.


Track listing:

  1. Adult #1
  2. Daisychain
  3. Gold Leaf
  4. Salt
  5. King
  6. Brother
  7. You Are My Seatbelt
  8. Adult #2