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Strange Desires
Her Head's On Fire Strange Desires Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - 20:22
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HER HEAD'S ON FIRE, featuring members of beloved bands such as Saves the Day, Garrison, Small Brown Bike, and The Bomb, are back!

The band, comprised of singer Sid Jagger, guitarist Jeff Dean, bassist Rodrigo Palma, and drummer Jeff Gensterblum — is proud to announce its second album Strange Desires. It arrives on July 19 via Iodine Recordings. Today, the band has shared the video for the gritty and anthemic first single "Why Are We Alone."

"'Why Are We Alone' was the first song Jeff Dean (guitarist) sent me for the new album," says Jagger. "He had just thrown down these chords that worked so well together so quickly, and emailed me a file of it. I sent it back to him written and recorded in about 45 minutes. Some songs just come together that way, you just hit a sort of 'hive mind' with your bandmates and the sounds all fall right into place. A simple straight forward song that captures some immediacy and desperation for honesty and closure. Is it about a broken relationship, is it about the lack of existence of a god, or is it a desperate love letter to addiction? All we know is we are all we have, so hold on tight, my brothers and sisters."

Regarding the album as a whole, Jagger states, "While the first album was the band getting to know each other's musical tendencies, I believe the new album is a crystallization of our shared vision, brought into focus by John Agnello's expert mixing. The guitars are still ferocious, but the rhythm section finds better footing, with almost Fugazi leanings. These are the most realized melodies I have been able to write thus far, but most of these songs were written within about 10 minutes. The band's existence has always been somewhat effortless. I hope that can be heard here. It's loud, fun, and cathartic."


Strange Desires track list:

  1. Cuts
  2. You're Nothing
  3. Aren't I The Champion
  4. Addict and Habits
  5. Better Men Than Me
  6. Strange Desires
  7. Why Are We Alone
  8. Ruination
  9. While You Sleep
  10. The Rain