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Distortion Days
Heavy Seas Distortion Days Punk Rock Theory
Friday, January 12, 2024 - 20:55
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The Chicago-based punk/emo trio Heavy Seas has unleashed their highly anticipated second album, “Distortion Days”. The album is a sonic journey that solidifies their standing in the alternative music scene. A triumphant follow-up to their debut that not only showcases the band's evolution but also cements their unique sonic identity. One of the standout features of “Distortion Days" is the band's lyrical depth. Exploring themes of self-discovery, existentialism, and the turbulence of modern life. The poignant lyrics resonate and invite listeners to reflect on their own experiences.

Musically, the album captures the essence of Chicago's punk and emo heritage while pushing boundaries within both genres. “Distortion Days" is not just an auditory experience; it's a sonic odyssey. The production quality is pristine, courtesy of renowned producer J. Robbins of Jawbox.


Distortion Days track list:

  1. Distortion Days
  2. Sunn
  3. Idle in Life
  4. Feel it Fade
  5. Locked into Night
  6. Acceptance
  7. Depression Industry
  8. Obfuscate the World
  9. Satiated
  10. Empty Space