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Live At 25
Handheld Live At 25 Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, March 9, 2024 - 16:53
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To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Ontario Canada's fast melodic punk band Handheld has unveiled a live album. Captured in a jammed packed small sold-out club, this record is a journey through their discography, brimming with energy. Celebrating a quarter-century, Handheld’s performance showcases their passion and evolution, delivering an unforgettable experience for fans and new listeners alike.

"Sure, it's been an incredible 25 years of Handheld, playing fast, melodic punk rock (some even call it skatepunk). Surprisingly, half of the band members don't seem to have aged a day since they first formed in 1998. As for the other half? Well, let's just say they're living the good life.

From 1998 to 2008, Handheld tore up stages all across North America. Then, they took a 14-year hiatus, only to return with their most powerful album to date, "A Canadian Tragedy." The boys are back to their old tricks again, this time recording a high-production, top-notch full-length live record during a sold-out, intimate club show for all of us to enjoy. Now that they're back, there's no stopping them at this point; they might as well play until they're dead. Expect more new records and more shows on the horizon. Keep it fast, play power chords with your pinky, and unleash forbidden beats with a single kick pedal. Love, HH"


Live At 25 track list:

  1. Once Again
  2. A Day In My Shoes
  3. Get A Grip
  4. Ode To Europe
  5. TV Nice Guy
  6. One Hour Photos
  7. Corrugated Ideas
  8. No Footsteps To Follow
  9. Countless Hours
  10. Disassociate
  11. On The Fly
  12. Coming Home
  13. Leaving Candyland
  14. Lightbulbs