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All This Time Is Yours Now
Goddamnit All This Time Is Yours Now Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - 13:19
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In 2011, Goddamnit formed with a desire to make music that harkens back to the "golden era" of punk and post hardcore. Meshing the emotive sounds of bands like Jawbreaker and The Promise Ring with the ferocious intensity of Quicksand, Goddamnit offers a fresh perspective on a genre that Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike carried the torch for in the early aughts.

"All This Time is Yours Now" officially comes out 12.09.22 on Creep Records and Sell The Heart Records. The band spent a week with Chris Pierce behind the board and then had Alan Douches at West West Side Music master the thing.


All This Time Is Yours Now track list:

  1. Totally Undone    
  2. Rejects on the Wall    
  3. Lost in Tension    
  4. Rust Between the Years    
  5. Marked Safe From the Hurricane    
  6. Hide the Bruises Wisely    
  7. Pieces Left    
  8. Undeserving    
  9. Learn the Line    
  10. Not Quite Airtight    
  11. Oakford