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At This Point In Time
The Fly Downs At This Point In Time Punk Rock Theory
Friday, February 19, 2021 - 21:58
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Ottawa alt/punk trio The Fly Downs have announced the April 16th release of their debut LP, At This Point In Time. The 13-track offering was recorded by Scott Burniston at Apartment 2 and mixed/mastered by Topon Das. It’s being released digitally and on colored vinyl via Thousand Islands Records.

As a preview of what's to expect, the band unleashed the lead single Crashing Down, with an accompanying music video, check it out below..

Crashing Down is the idea that we're all born wet and crying and we all end up under the ground at the end of it all. Whether you're rich or poor, black or white... were all the same in the grand picture. - Jesse, vocals


Track listing:

  1. Til Death Do Us, Party
  2. Somewhere Around There
  3. Raving Reviews
  4. Crashing Down    
  5. You Can't Quit Me, I'm Fired!
  6. Head Held High (feat. Patrick Youldon)
  7. Nowhere To Go
  8. Life 101
  9. Teddy's Revenge (feat. Anndy Negative)
  10. The Ballad Of Richard William Johnson
  11. Dead Ringer
  12. Fire Up The Press
  13. This Is Who I Am Right Now