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Introducing The Fleshies
The Fleshies Introducing The Fleshies Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 22:11
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FLESHIES (est. 1999) are a loud punk band from Oakland, California. They are noted for their intense, wild, and often homoerotic stage presence, abrasive-yet-catchy songs that warp and invert countless rock and punk tropes, radical (verging on wingnut) left-wing politics, and punishing tour schedules from the past (133 shows in 131 days at one point in 2003). They have released numerous well-received albums and singles on labels such as Alternative Tentacles, Recess, Life Is Abuse, Thrillhouse, and Adeline, and are on countless compilations (such as MaximumRocknRoll’s “Noise Ordinance” LP).

“Introducing The Fleshies” (Dirt Cult Records), the band’s new full-length album, represents a return to form, capturing the energy, raw power, incisive lyrical commentary/humor, and brutalist melodicism of their earlier releases like “Kill The Dreamer’s Dream” (2001) and “The Sicilian” (2003). Recorded and engineered by Brian Plaskett, mastered by Daniel Husayn (North London Bomb Factory). (The) Fleshies are Mattowar, Yvan Kawecki, John No, Brian Plaskett, and Hamiltron (all of whom are original members).


Track listing:

  1. Bruisee
  2. NOmaste
  3. Comin' To Get Our Cousins    
  4. Hold Me Up
  5. Weird Decisions
  6. Spice Rub
  7. Stone Mason
  8. Dirtier Harry
  9. You Playin'?
  10. Like A Pillow
  11. Bombs
  12. That's Most Unfortunate