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Concept Album
The Dwarves Concept Album Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, September 20, 2023 - 09:08
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Punk Rock veterans The Dwarves return with a sprawling genre defying trip through the underbelly of rock & roll, pop, punk, thrash, garage, surf, metal and experimental noise with their trademark transgressive lyrics and shocking visual imagery.

Featuring the celebrity drumming of Josh Freese (Foo Fighters) and dozens of rock luminaries the high production value and low brow humor of the Dwarves is a breath of fresh air amidst the cookie cutter cryfest of cancellation modern rock has become. And if you're not careful, you just might catch something.

Concept Album features 20 instant classics from the undisputed masters of punk rock and all points in between! Dig the groovy cover shot by F. Scott Schafer adorning a sprawling cinematic mantlepiece destined to last a lunchtime.

For forty years the Dwarves have shocked and mystified audiences across the globe with their unique blend of punk, garage, thrash and experimental music. Hailing from the Midwest, they settled in San Francisco in the mid 1980’s, played over a thousand shows, released over a dozen full length records and appeared in the soundtracks for hundreds of films, television shows, skate videos and multimedia presentations.

With a revolving cast of memorable characters and brutal live musicians, singer Blag Dahlia has carved out legendary status declaring the Dwarves, ”the last punk band!”


Concept Album track list:

  1. Blast On
  2. Feeling Great
  3. Voodoo
  4. Terrorist
  5. Ages Ago
  6. Dead to Me
  7. Do It All the Time
  8. Nobody & Me
  9. Everybody Squirts
  10. Kill or Be Killed
  11. Roxette
  12. You Lose We Win
  13. Parasite
  14. Come Unglued
  15. We Will Dare
  16. Lean
  17. Ain't Playing With You
  18. Sixteen
  19. Stabbed My Dead
  20. All For You