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How To Tune A Parrot
The Death Set How To Tune A Parrot Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, August 18, 2021 - 08:23
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Brooklyn party punks The Death Set are primed to return with their third album How To Tune A Parrot on September 10th via Cobraside and Behemoth Records. This album finds the band distilled down to the duo of Johnny Siera and Dan Walker and is their first full-length release since 2011’s Michel Poiccard (Counter Records). How To Tune A Parrot follows on the heels of a sustained period of sobriety and personal introspection that brings a new depth to the band’s trademark incandescent bursts of twisted noise pop. Or, as Siera wryly reflects, “we went from being scumbags to taking a good look at ourselves.”

How To Tune A Parrot delivers 12 other new songs that are served up  in 2-minute bursts of distorted melodies, buzzing synths and frantic beats, all overlaid with bratty vocals that set their sites on disparate topics, from creative blocks, to NYC’s dark underbelly, and to embracing bad decision making. An experience that DZ Deathrays’ Simon Ridley neatly encapsulated as " a hyperactive, hook filled, party enabling sonic barrage of an album.  It’s as close as you can get to taking amphetamines audibly. "


How To Tune A Parrot tracklist:

  1. Overload Damage
  2. Fall Down      
  3. Bad Decisions
  4. Elephant     
  5. I'm Sick With It
  6. Oh My God      
  7. Set For Death     
  8. Best Kept Mess    
  9. Nowhere Is Here     
  10. Closed Eyes      
  11. Mad World feat Ho99o9     
  12. Remind Me Who's Suffering    
  13. This Enemy Is My Best Friend