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Night Thoughts
Dead Years Night Thoughts Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, January 16, 2024 - 16:38
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German band, Dead Year, are set to release their new LP on Dirt Cult Records in North America and My Ruin Records in Europe.

Dead Years is a post-punk trio from Bielefeld, Germany. The band consists of Juiia, Hannes, and Jonas who have all played in other bands (Gloom Sleeper, Pointed, Ruins, Mayak, Shoyu Squad) before combining their talents and releasing a debut LP (Dirt Cult/My Ruin) in 2022.

Dead Years has a unique sound characterized by playful riffs, intense alternating vocals and pounding drums. Imagine the "dark punk" of The Wipers and Masshysteri mixed with the aggression and gruffness of Hot Water Music and Fifth Hour Hero.

On Night Thoughts, Dead Years effortlessly creates a vibe that hypnotically attracts and embraces the listener. But it's not just about the music: their lyrics reinforce the meloncoly of their sound. They deal with self-doubt, social anxieties, and the daily struggle to find on'es way in an alientating world. The record will be released on February 2nd via Dirt Cult Records (North America) and My Ruin (Europe).