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Velvet Divorce
City Windows Velvet Divorce Punk Rock Theory
Monday, July 17, 2023 - 15:50
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City Windows is going all-in for their new sophomore release, "Velvet Divorce." The seasoned four-piece rock band has built on the success of their debut album, "Oxbow," these San Diegans are back with 8 new tracks. This time self-releasing on their own label, appropriately monikered, 'Midwest Migration Records.'

Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, CW weaves together a tapestry of exploration on this new effort. Lead vocalist, Lyle Pavuk, brings a raw intensity to the record, his voice and searing guitar rhythms create a powerful foundation for the songs. Sean Sullivan, the bassist, provides a driving thunderous low-end tone, his rhythms intertwining effortlessly with the record's melodies. Ryan Steele, showcasing the band's gruffer vocal & lead guitar duties, rips through the album with tasteful playing and some blistering solos. And holding it all together is Aaron Weislogel, the powerhouse drummer who delivers a relentless beat, propelling the band's music song after song.

"Velvet Divorce" showcases the band's growth and evolution. Drawing inspiration from punk rock and hardcore, their sound resonates with a blend of classic and modern influences. From the anthemic choruses that invite listeners to sing along, to the introspective slower cuts, City Windows is immersing the audience in a fun ride around the album, an emotional sequence that never fails to captivate.

With a unique ability to craft both infectious hooks and thought-provoking + socially conscious lyrics, “Velvet Divorce” explores themes of politics, big pharma, love, loss, and self-discovery. Their songs are filled with honest reflections on the human experience, delivering a cathartic release for both the band and their listeners.

Having honed their craft through being an outfit since 2018, City Windows has developed a reputation for delivering energetic and engaging shows. Look for new show announcements in and around Southern California later this year.

Of the first single "The Price to Pay," the band says, "It is no secret that the United States government is not beholden to the people. Our leaders are unresponsive to our will and our needs. This lack of accountability coupled with the anti-democratic design of our governmental institutions leads to the enactment of policy that will positively impact the wealthy and the influential minority now, while leading to catastrophic negative consequences for the rest of us in the not-so-distant future. "The Price to Pay" was written not only to illustrate and condemn the corruption and anti-democratic nature of our government and the plutocrats that hold the bulk of influence, but to also serve as a call to action that we the people are stronger in numbers and that we can organize and elect better leaders who are responsive to our needs and who are willing to redesign our institutions to be more democratic and reflect the true will of the people."