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Red Weather
Chamberlain Red Weather Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, October 22, 2020 - 08:19
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Folllowing the release of the 'Raise It High' EP and a tour with The Gaslight Anthem back in 2010, things went kinda quiet around Chamberlain. Did they call it a day? Far from it as it turns out. On November 30, these Midwest emo pioneers are will be releasing their brand new album 'Red Weather,' their first new full-length since 1998.

'Red Weather' was recorded and produced in Nashville by Carl Broemel, who plays guitar in My Morning Jacket.


Track listing:

  1. Not Your War
  2. Calling All Cars
  3. Red Weather
  4. One Soul
  5. Some Other Sky
  6. Every Trick In The Book
  7. Reign of the Two Kings
  8. Lion In The Well
  9. Take What You Can Get
  10. Lights Go Low