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Sad In The City
Broadway Calls Sad In The City Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - 17:11
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Rainier, Oregon pop punks Broadway Calls will release their first new album in seven years, Sad In The City, on July 10 via Red Scare Industries. It's their first album for Red Scare, following releases on SideOneDummy, No Sleep, and other labels, and Red Scare say, "We’ve been fans of Broadway Calls for a while now and after years of pestering they finally gave in and joined the team. Their exact words were, 'It would take a catastrophic act of god that destroyed the music industry for us to consider working with Red Scare.' And what do ya know! Thank you, 2020."

Of the new album, vocalist/guitarist Ty Vaughn says, "Sad In The City is about navigating the end of the most violent empire the world has ever seen. Making your way home to the ones you love while trying to avoid the police. Finding love and realizing how it still needs to be celebrated even as we burn the world. Dealing long overdue fatal blows to the state and the corporations they serve. It is a violent record for a violent time. This isn’t dystopian fiction. There’s a stain on the road, shaped like a kid. There’s a target on your back where it’s always been. And now everyone is Sad In The City."


Track listing:

  1. Never Take Us Alive
  2. You Gotta Know
  3. Sad In The City
  4. Always On The Run
  5. There's A Glow
  6. Take Me Down
  7. Radiophobia
  8. Sick New Truth
  9. Meet Me On The Moon
  10. Big Mouth
  11. Went Dyin'