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Single Coil Candy
Bring The Hoax Single Coil Candy Punk Rock Theory
Monday, March 6, 2023 - 20:58
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“Single Coil Candy” is the debut full-length album by Swedish alternative rock group Bring the Hoax. Set for release on the 12th of May via Lövely Records, the album contains the four tracks from Bring the Hoax’s self titled EP from 2022 (previously only released digitally) plus six new, until now unreleased songs.

The album title refers to a commonly used guitar pickup called “single coil” which is often found in offset guitars such as the Fender Jazzmaster and Jaguar models, two of the band's favorites. It has the ability to produce a warm, full-bodied but yet gritty sound. Candy-like, if you will. The ten songs capture the band's signature sound with a mix of catchy hooks, powerful guitars and heavy drums and bass. Together with a massive production these tracks are sure to give you a true connection with the band's music.

One of the band's best tools for creating such a striking experience is their ability to implement great dynamics in their song writing. Like a pendulum the music rocks you back and forth between a mesmerizing calm and an invigorating power. While the band's energy never fades, it doesn't catch you off guard either, it's familiar, but fresh at the same time.

“We aim to give the listener a wall of sound-like experience, but one that still maintains a living room recording feeling. Large and powerful, but present and close.” -Hasse Karlsson

Lyrically, the album covers many human feelings. Anger and despair is found in songs like “Once” and “Every kind of light”. Hope and contemplation can be heard in “Los Angeles” and “Singles”, and some political comments are told in “Jonestown” and “Final Day”. There might just be some heart break stories in some of the songs as well.

"We're so excited to finally share 'Single Coil Candy' with the world. This album is a real representation of who we are as a band. It's got a lot of energy and raw emotion, and we hope it connects with our listeners in a meaningful way." - Karl Nordahl

”Single Coil Candy” is produced by Bring the Hoax, and recorded by the band members at Danviken Stereo. The album is mixed by Markus Ingberg at Clubhill Studios, mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes, and features cover art by Bring the Hoax’s bass player Sara Engström. ”Single Coil Candy” will be available on all streaming platforms and pink vinyl on the 12th of May.

“When we recorded these songs Hasse used to shout 'Single Coil Candy!' after almost every good take” says Karl Nordahl.