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Basement Beat
Brad Marino Basement Beat Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, October 4, 2022 - 12:59
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“This record is exciting for me because it’s a bit different than the first two." says Marino, adding "It’s more straight ahead punk rock in that 77 Ramones style. It was intentional. I wanted to make a stripped down punk record in the classic 76/77 sound. Like if they did a 4th Tommy Ramone era LP.“

Brad Marino is set to release his first Ramonescore album called "Basement Beat" on October 14th via Rum Bar Records for CD, Hey Pizza Records for LP, and Memorable But Not Honorable for cassette. With the downtime of the past 2 years Marino has been writing a lot. As sort of a little songwriting challenge every once in a while he'd write some Ramonescore tunes. It's almost a concept album in that sense. Most of these songs were written in 2020/2021 but a couple are some of his first attempts at songwriting circa 2004!

He was originally going to release this under an alias but decided to just make it a Brad Marino album on the advice of some people whose opinion he trusts. It's different than "Looking for Trouble" and "Extra Credit" but it's all rock and roll to me. NO UPSTROKES WERE USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS RECORD! Brad Marino did vocals and all instruments on the LP, except for drums, which were handled by Beau-Beau Basement.


Basement Beat track listing:

  1. Freak Show
  2. Communist Creep
  3. Rubber Room
  4. Brain Gone
  5. Sick Sick Sick Sick
  6. Spy For The B.B.I.
  7. That Girl
  8. Talk Talk Talk Talk
  9. Nancy's Narcoleptic
  10. Come Back For More
  11. Dream Last Night
  12. Baby Doll