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Celebration States
Bob Nanna Celebration States Punk Rock Theory
Monday, April 13, 2020 - 20:03
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New Granada Records (Pohgoh, Caithlin De Marrais of Rainer Maria, Gordon Withers) and acclaimed Chicago-based songwriter Bob Nanna (Braid, Hey Mercedes, The City On Film, Lifted Bells) are excited to announce the Friday, July 10 release of Celebration States, the brand new, highly personal showcase – and first official album under Nanna’s own name – that details a major life shift for the seasoned musician: a full, all-acoustic LP recorded entirely on September 7, 2019, the day that would’ve been Nanna’s wedding anniversary.

Simple and exposed, Celebration States places Nanna’s distinct, honeyed vocals on full-display and discusses the personal process of coping with a certain type of loss. Stream album singles, “Mr. Albatross” and “Do You Want To Buy A Guitar?,” below.

Celebration States takes the listener on a confessional ride of emotional hardships and self-exploration followed by the eventual enlightenment of inner healing. As heartbreaking as it is uplifting, the album is a journey of rediscovery with a hint of humor incorporated for good measure. Of the 10-song set, Nanna says it “documents the highs and lows of a one year-long story. It’s autobiographical and I purposely awaited a positive resolution before I decided to complete the project.”


Track listing:

  1. Do You Want To Buy A Guitar?    
  2. Mr. Albatross    
  3. 97B4E
  4. Come Home
  5. In Reverse
  6. Preouccupied
  7. Spinning Pitchers Of Light
  8. Instant Chemistry
  9. Don't Come Home
  10. Denouement