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Party Naked Forever
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 17:59
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Brooklyn, NY's Bethlehem Steel have shared "Alt Shells" and announced their new album Party Naked Forever. Party Naked Forever is available for pre-order now and due out 11/10 via Exploding In Sound Records.

Bethlehem Steel invite you to Party Naked Forever, both figuratively and quite possibly literally. The Brooklyn trio of Rebecca Ryskalczyk (vocals/guitars), Jon Gernhart (drums) and Patrick Ronayne (bass), have created a record that breaks free from the anxiety, unhealthy relationships, and medicinal dependence to simply be itself; powerful, deeply personal, and untamed. There's no holding back, Party Naked Forever is raw and bold, and Ryskalczyk's songs are triumphantly pushed to their breaking point.

Formed out of an old friendship between Ryskalczyk and Gernhart, Bethlehem Steel came to be in Brooklyn, but its roots lie further North in Buffalo. The city and the stresses that come along with it led to the record's cathartic moments, but it's heart rests upstate, punctuated in dirty guitar lines, somber lyrics, and Ryskalczyk's impeccable control. Her songs are honest and vulnerable, balanced by a muscular fury and scornful aggression. Party Naked Forever is an exploration of the things that keep Ryskalczyk up at night and voicing her concerns without a care of consequence. It's the sound of truly being alive.

The record is named in honor of the late great Dave Weaver.


Track listing:

  1. Alt Shells
  2. Fig
  3. Klonopinterest
  4. Florida 2
  5. Deep Back
  6. Finger It Out
  7. Untitled Entitlement
  8. Support Each Other
  9. Donnie
  10. Yolk