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Beatsteaks Please Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, April 24, 2024 - 20:32
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In the history of guitar rock, there are few bands that have lasted until their ninth studio album. The Beatsteaks, on the other hand, are set to release their ninth album "PLEASE" and it comes with the urgency, wit and restlessness of an explosive debut LP.

"One of the things that unites us in the band is that we all can't keep still for long," smiles singer and guitarist Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß. The new album is "as fidgety as every single member of the Beatsteaks is" - and "always a bit too much".

Something beautiful has to feel beautiful at its core and mature in a stress- and stress-free zone. For the sake of the greatest possible lightness, the Beatsteaks have tidied up their store - and let in a breath of fresh air. With Olaf Opal, who is considered one of the most accomplished contemporary producers with his work ranging from playful underground to straight multi-platinum successes, they did not go into the studio, but into the audience area of Berlin's Columbia Theater. It was here that twenty-five sketches were transformed into eleven fully-fledged album songs.

"The record is totally us in everything we do," says Arnim. In fact, "PLEASE" gets to the heart of all the Beatsteaks' unique characteristics with maximum accuracy. This fusion of spherically shaded walls of guitars and Arnim's power vocals, which are more a sixth instrument than a singing voice; this absolutely un-German sound including English-language vocals written collectively; this constant questioning of conventional rock band patterns, this ignorant mixture of genres, this "nothing is done here because that's just how it's done", this approachable flare-up of communal feelings of happiness - all of this is typical Beatsteaks. "PLEASE" is proof of a perfectly functioning pentagonal relationship that has existed for almost thirty years. Peter, Bernd, Torsten, Arnim and Thomas are not yet fed up, have persevered, unlike most bands in the history of guitar rock - and have possibly forged together the best ninth album of all time.