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I'd Say I'm Not Fine
Barely Civil I'd Say I'm Not Fine Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - 17:17
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"I’d Say I'm Not Fine," is Barely Civil’s amalgamation of the rage, pain, and self-framing that came in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Bitter at times, hopeful and direct in others, this album is a conscious attempt to answer the questions presented in the band's debut and sophomore installments.

Produced & Mixed by Chris Teti (The World Is…, Fiddlehead, Anxious)


I'd Say I'm Not Fine track list:

  1. I’d Say I’m…
  2. Floating Again
  3. Coasting, Mostly
  4. Shifting Blame
  5. Not Fine
  6. Better Now
  7. Dwindling
  8. Finding Time
  9. Invading Space
  10. Closing Doors