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Annabel Worldviews Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 - 19:12
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Annabel returns with Worldviews, on Tiny Engines, their first new album album in nine years. The album finds the band reconciling with the ways the world has changed in the decade since they’ve been away. The core of the Ohio band is brothers Ben and Andy Hendricks, and as long as they’ve got each other, we’ve still got Annabel. Think of Worldviews less like a comeback and more as the product of years spent gestating. The album is the most locked in the band has ever sounded, perfecting and building on their indie-emo sound. Worldviews is the band's fourth full-length album and follows 2015's Having It All, also released on Tiny Engines.


Worldviews track list:

  1. Another World
  2. All Time
  3. Worldviews
  4. We Are Where We Are
  5. Medicine
  6. Every Home Needs A Ghost
  7. Before Too Long
  8. Dog
  9. Small Victories
  10. Defense Mechanism
  11. Hopium
  12. The Afterworld