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Life Sucks
Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 11:31
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Newly launched Chicago indie Dodgeball Records has announced its first signing, Indianapolis, IN pop-punk trio AMUSE.

The label, founded by Showoff frontman Chris Messer, his wife Dani, and Mike Felumlee of Smoking Popes fame, will release the band's EP “Life Sucks” on August 4th.

Vocalist/bassist Mike Muse says, "I was sitting in bed and saw that we had a message from Chris. Then I saw that he was from the band Showoff (whom I used to dig in my teenage days.) He asked if he could call. Of course Chris from Showoff can call me! I have been in the music game some time now and talked to my fair share of labels over the years. It instantly seemed to click with Chris. He was so enthusiastic and prepared. You can tell his heart is really in it. Dodgeball Records is more than throwing your album out there. He is building a family. Not to mention the fact the Mike Felumlee is a part of the label and suggested us to Chris. Felumlee has always been an inspiration for me so it's a cool feeling. We spent a few days with Chris and Mike and it all just felt right. Amuse is super stoked to be apart of the new Dodgeball family and look forward to the future!"


Track listing:

  1. Offend Me
  2. F.U.Y.
  3. Life Sucks
  4. Toxic
  5. Tarkin
  6. I Want To Believe (In You and Me)