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Is This Thing Cursed?
Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 18:18
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Alkaline Trio have announced a new album "Is This Thing Cursed?" that is to be released digitally on August 31st. Vinyl for the album will be released on October 19th and pre-orders are available now at: http://www.alkalinetrio.com

"Is This Thing Cursed?" - the band's 9th studio release and their first new music in 5 years - is the first Alkaline Trio album written almost entirely in the studio. It's when the songs began to come together that the band noticed the new material forming parallels with "Maybe I'll Catch Fire". According to the band, "Is This Thing Cursed?" is a cousin or sibling to Fire. Co-lead vocalist and bassist Dan Andriano explains, "The songwriting process is almost like what it was back in the day. We would just kind of write a song, be excited about it, then move on. We wrote in that spirit in the studio. I really feel like we made a record that the old school fans are going to dig."


Track listing:

  1. Is This Thing Cursed?
  2. Blackbird
  3. Demon and Division
  4. Little Help?
  5. I Can't Believe
  6. Sweet Vampires
  7. Pale Blue Ribbon
  8. Goodbye Fire Island
  9. Stay
  10. Heart Attacks
  11. Worn So Thin
  12. Throw Me To The Lions
  13. Krystalline