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LIVE Born & Raised 2022, St Catharines ON
Alexisonfire LIVE Born & Raised 2022, St Catharines ON Punk Rock Theory
Friday, June 14, 2024 - 07:46
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Alexisonfire are excited to announce a new live album, LIVE Born & Raised 2022, St Catharines ON. The LP is a compilation of 17 tracks spanning the band's award-winning catalogue captured over two unforgettable nights in the summer of 2022 during the band's hometown, inaugural Born & Raised Festival. The album will be available digitally on June 27 here.

The first single from the new LP is a live rendition of "Little Girls Pointing and Laughing," the very first song Alexisonfire wrote as a band over 22 years ago, notably just down the street from the festival grounds in Montebello Park.

The live album features the beloved track, "Jubella," from Alexisonfire’s debut self-titled album, released in late 2002. This marks the first time the band has ever performed the song live, making this release a must-have for fans.

Says Alexisonfire's George Pettit, "St. Catharines was a perfect breeding ground for young independent bands. There was no shortage of venues where you could play or promote a show. So in the early 2000s, Alexisonfire learned a lot of what we needed to know coming up in St. Catharines. Coming back and playing a massive festival in Montebello Park was not only fun but served as an opportunity to give something back to the city that taught us how to be a band."


Live Born & Raised 2022, St. Catherines ON track listing:

  1. Committed to the Con — Live
  2. Accept Crime — Live
  3. .44 Caliber Love Letter — Live
  4. Accidents — Live
  5. Boiled Frogs — Live
  6. Sweet Dreams of Otherness — Live
  7. A Dagger Through the Heart of St. Angeles — Live
  8. Waterwings (And Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas) — Live
  9. Jubella — Live
  10. Little Girls Pointing and Laughing — Live
  11. We Are The Sound — Live
  12. Rough Hands — Live
  13. Young Cardinals — Live
  14. The Northern — Live
  15. This Could Be Anywhere in the World — Live
  16. Dogs Blood — Live
  17. Happiness by the Kilowatt — Live