Yotam premieres tour video for "Days Of Living"
Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 18:32
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Today, Yotam has premiered the video for the song "Days Of Living", compiled of footage shot during his recent European tour.

Yotam about the song: "This past summer I did a 3-week European tour with Useless ID supporting Lagwagon, I booked my ticket earlier on so that I could stay in Europe for 2 more weeks, no plans but life decided that I team up with Joe Mcmahon (Smoke or Fire) and Mike Noegraf and hit the road for 2 more weeks along with my brother Nadav helping out on merch and Antony "Weddy" Gallien as Driver, we crammed up in a little rental car and hit many parts of Germany, Italy and Czech republic, The crowds were amazing everywhere we played and "Weddy" was filming the whole time and made this video for my song Days of living" showing us having some good times in Europe together"