Winona Fighter shares music video 'Subaru'
Winona Fighter shares music video 'Subaru'
Friday, June 7, 2024 - 07:59
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Punk rock act Winona Fighter has today shared a brand new video for their single “Subaru”. Paying homage to the movies Anchorman and Wayne’s World, the video showcases the band’s mischievous side as they play chaotic news anchors determined to tear the studio down.

“‘Subaru’ was truly never written to be as important as it is... but during our most recent tour, the amount of people who told us it’s their favorite Winona Fighter track was crazy. The fans really made me have a whole new love and appreciation for it so we’re extremely excited to re-release ‘Subaru’ into the world,” frontwoman and multi-instrumentalist Coco Kinnon shares. “My literal hand-me-down Subaru got me from New England to Nashville, Nashville to Los Angeles, Los Angeles back to Nashville, and through a multitude of tours when Dan (guitarist) and I had just started playing together. She deserved a song.”

She continues: “Austin and I wanted to tap into that nostalgic feeling with late 90’s/early 2000’s punk instrumentation plus a dose of satire, fun, and “leave your hometown” lyrics. Subaru summer? More like song of the summer amiright? We hope our fans have as much fun with this song as we do. I think this song was a lesson for us on not taking ourselves too seriously. If you’ve heard this track before, we hope you enjoy the new mix and drums…if this is your first time hearing it, we cannot wait to scream it with you at a festival or show soon!”

On the video, Kinnon adds: “We took that dose of satire from the song and used it to fuel the ‘Subaru’ music video. It only took one meeting for Jake Johnston (creative director) and Dan Masso (producer) over at We’re All Gonna Die to really gauge our sense of humor. Dan, Austin, and I are never not having a little laugh so it was really awesome to let our natural selves shine on set. We took inspiration from our favorite comedy shows and movies growing up. From ‘Anchorman’ (a movie that came out when we were kids) to ‘I Think You Should Leave’ (a show that has us in a choke hold as adults) we were in a melting pot of Winona Fighter humor. Absolutely cracking up at any and every take. Is there a big meaning behind the video? I’d say it is whatever you interpret it to be about. I think this music video shows the most true side of the band which is that we love what we get to do so much and we are going to have fun with it whenever we can. Jake, Dan M., and the rest of the crew + cast gave this video so much life! Big thanks to them.”

Fronted by the electric Coco Kinnon, the Nashville based punk band is breathing new life into the resurgent punk scene, and they’re on a mission to create punk music that is accessible and accepting to all music lovers willing to listen.

Kinnon’s introduction to the Boston punk rock scene at an early age was the catalyst influence for her current sound and stage presence. Moving to Nashville gave her a task to expose all music lovers to the power of thrashable tunes. After recruiting lead guitarist Dan Fuson, they set off to do the scene Coco had left behind justice. Eventually the two of them added Austin Luther (bass/producer) to the family.

Fresh off of signing to Rise Records and the release of singles “I’m In The Market To Please No One”, “I Think You Should Leave”, “Johnny’s Dead”, and “HAMMS IN A GLASS”, fans can look forward to more new music this year.