Taking Meds surprise release new EP 'EXT MEDS'
Taking Meds surprise release new EP 'EXT MEDS'
Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 08:10
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Last year Taking Meds released their new full-length, Dial M For Meds. Now the band returned with EXT MEDS, a new EP made up of two b-sides from the Dial M For Meds sessions along with a cover of My Blood Valentine's "Drive It All Over Me." EXT MEDS offers more of the inventive playing and hook-driven songwriting that made Dial M For Meds such an instantly satisfying release. "Slow Leak" is a riff-laden cut of '90s alternative influenced punk, and "Happy Yet" rolls back the volume while still packing an emotional punch. To wrap it up, Taking Meds' cover of "Drive It All Over Me" leans into the massive melodies tucked into the haze of the My Bloody Valentine's original.

Vocalist/guitarist Skylar Sarkis discussed the EP and cover saying:

"We put EXT MEDS together because although these songs didn't make the record, we still felt we wanted to share them. We had a lot of b-sides from Dial M For Meds, but these three were fully realized and although they didn't fit the vibe of the record, they're still very representative of us as a band. 'Slow Leak' was actually recorded at GodCity and cut at the last minute. When we went back to Blackheart in New Hampshire to record the vocals, we cut final versions of 'Happy Yet' and 'Drive It All Over Me.' Our bass player, James Palko (Jimmy Montague) is the featured engineer on this release, although Kurt Ballou engineered the music on 'Slow Leak.'

While we're stoked on these songs, I think we're collectively the most stoked on the 'Drive It All Over Me' cover. You Made Me Realise probably got the most play of any record in our van in 2023, especially this track. Most people immediately think of Loveless when they think of MBV, but this is a really different record and just as excellent. It also fits our style a lot more, obviously, and this song in particular was a pretty big influence on the writing of Dial M For Meds. I think it was the perfect choice for a cover and I love how it came out."

EXT MEDS arrives ahead of Taking Meds' upcoming Spring tour dates with Sweet Pill and Equipment, as well as a hometown Rochester, NY show.