Taking Back Sunday ready for new album
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 08:44
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Great news for all the TBS fans! The band have announced that they have started recording their new album, which is slated to release this fall via Hopeless Records. Taking Back Sunday will also join Dashboard Confessional for the triumpt return of the Taste Of Chaos tour. 

When we asked the band for an opinion they had this to say: "During this process we've been discovering and surprising ourselves in realizing how good of a band we've become. Not to go full Kanye but none of us can believe, when we're listening back during tracking, that this is our band. It's incredible. The timing also worked perfectly, we'll basically be going straight from the studio to Taste Of Chaos where we'll have the opportunity to let these new songs out of their cages".

This new album, the band's seventh full-length, will follow-up 2014's Happiness Is.