Taking Back Sunday debuts "Call Come Running"
Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 09:00
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Taking Back Sunday have debuted their music video for "Call Come Running". Featured on the band's seventh studio album "Tidal Wave", the video, directed by Djay Brawner,  is a loose sequel to the previous video for "You Can't Look Back" which found vocalist Adam Lazzara suffering from an unidentified bloody affliction.

Proving to be "the most personal video yet for frontman Adam Lazzara," Paper Magazine reports, "A story of renewal and rebirth, that ends with a shot of Lazzara reemerging from a body of water to meet his (again, actual) family, it mirrors the album's foray into themes of growing, adulthood and building families -- a far cry from much of the rest of the band's 18 years-worth of material."