The Superweaks reveal gameplay trailer for 'Teenage Blob'
The Superweaks reveal gameplay trailer for 'Teenage Blob'
Saturday, July 4, 2020 - 09:24
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The Superweaks have teamed up with game developer Team Laserbeam (Wrestling with Emotions, Snow Cones) for their punk adventure Teenage Blob coming to PC via Steam soon with the help of Superhot Presents. They just shared the gameplay trailer, which shows off one of Teenage Blob’s games, “Paperperson”, in action. You can check that out below.

Six songs. Six games. Teenage Blob is one unprecedented split release! Play along with an original album by The Superweaks in a colourful punk rock journey towards the best night of your life! The games combine elements of dating sims, RPGs, arcade classics & rhythm games and are synchronized with the songs to create an unprecedented gaming/music experience. Crafted with love and teenage punk rock dreams!